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Unlike any other threaders in the industry, Kamini has over 25 years of experience in eyebrow shaping enabling her to re-define your brows so that they are individually tailored to suit the contour and bone structure of your face. Kamini can instantly diagnose any problem and identify what kind of eyebrow shape will match the symmetry of your face. Kamini’s method is truly bespoke and here at Kamini Beauty we never use templates or implore a one size fits all approach because we understand that every person is individual and has unique eyebrows.
The science behind the hair growth cycle combined with the Kamini Threading™ technique allows Kamini to approach your eyebrows in a unique way. What many threaders fail to recognise is that there are various types of hair that have differing growth patterns. The strength of the hair will denote how often and quickly the hair grows back. Kamini’s intricate attention to detail combined with her specialised technique allows for either stronger hair’s to be softened, enabling thinner and slower re-growth, or the growth of hair’s to be prompted. Essentially by stagnating the re-growth of unwanted hairs and encouraging the re-growth of necessary hairs, Kamini can offer you those full looking brows that could last a lifetime.


The mono-brow buster treatment.


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Having diagnosed any problems with shape and current shaping techniques, Kamini is strict in her prognosis, adamant that tweezers, waxing or threading by other therapists is not an option. She implores her clients to trust her judgment and they will only ever be satisfied with the results.
Constructing fuller looking brows with a ‘less is more’ ethos indicates youth in our opinion and promises to make you look 10 years younger within minutes! Don’t risk cheaper alternatives that don’t last and do more harm than good to the re-growth of the hairs. Rather opt for the Kamini Technique, a more cost effective option with results lasting at least twice as long. If you want those celebrity brows, Kamini Beauty should be your one-stop destination.