The original Kamini Brow

Tailored designs for every person, unique eyebrows. Kamini’s specialized technique allows for either stronger hair’s to be softened, enabling thinner and slower re-growth, or the growth of hair’s to be prompted.

Threading in Chelsea

Essentially by stagnating the re-growth of unwanted hairs and encouraging the re-growth of necessary hairs, Kamini can offer you those full looking brows that could last a lifetime.

Facials in Chelsea

Kamini’s fusion of Eastern and Western techniques lead to a selection of facial treatments all guaranteed to leave your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

Hair Removal

Our skilled, experienced and unbiased staff helps you make a genuine decision regarding which hair removal method shall suit you best, making the treatment as bespoke and effective as possible.

Healing Therapies

Unravel the best of your body through our special body treatments, which will not only enlighten your outer beauty, but inner beauty self as well.

Venus Legacy

Flat torso, toned arms and smooth thighs are just the beginning of this special service, that will give you that svelte bikini body you always longed for. With virtually painless high technology, rediscover your body.