Eastern and Western fusion techniques

Facials in Chelsea

Kamini’s fusion of Eastern and Western techniques lead to a truly superb selection of facial treatments all guaranteed to leave your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

The science behind the hair growth cycle combined with the Kamini Threading™ technique allows Kamini to approach your eyebrows in a unique way. What many threaders fail to recognise is that there are various types of hair that have differing growth patterns. The strength of the hair will denote how often and quickly the hair grows back. Kamini’s intricate attention to detail combined with her specialised technique allows for either stronger hair’s to be softened, enabling thinner and slower re-growth, or the growth of hair’s to be prompted. Essentially by stagnating the re-growth of unwanted hairs and encouraging the re-growth of necessary hairs, Kamini can offer you those full looking brows that could last a lifetime.

Lifting and Collagen

Promising to bring your skin back to its youthful self, our lifting and collagen facial targets fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin, improves elasticity, enhances facial contours, accelerates skin cell production, reveals a fresh new layer of skin underneath and targets pigmentation and sun spots. Back to 21 in less than 60 minutes!


It goes without saying that radiant skin is an indication of overall wellbeing and healthy skin of course but if you feel the city’s pollution, hectic work patterns, stress and your general lifestyle has taken away that ‘glow from within’, then this treatment is made for you. The power boosting facial regenerates skin cells and rebalances sebum which consequently energises dull, lustre lacking skin and injects radiance and vitality, mimicking a post-holiday glow. Let people keep wondering which exotic location you’ve been to lately.


The key with this facial is to drench the skin with moisture and nourish it at a deeper level so it appears brighter and fresher. Replenishing the natural water level in the skin, every session will ensure you require less topical moisturisers as time passes by. The more hydrated your skin is, the more supple it will appear and the more reluctant it will be to premature ageing.